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Join my Excel Dashboard Masterclass in Australia [May-June 2012]

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Hello folks,

I have a super exciting news to share with you all. I will be conducting a series of Masterclasses on Advanced Dashboards & Excel in Australia this Autumn (May – June 2012). So if you live in (or nearby) Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Perth or Brisbane and want to one up your dashboard skills, you know what to do next.

I am conducting these masterclasses in partnership with Plum Solutions.

What is in this Masterclass  & Who should go?

Advanced Dashboard & Excel Masterclass - Australia - 2012This 2 day masterclass is aimed at managers, analysts, reporting professionals, executives in sales, marketing, customer service or anyone who wants to learn about Excel Dashboards.

In this masterclass we will be learning,

  • Day1: Our first dashboard in Excel
    • Excel formulas for dashboards
    • Applying advanced conditional formatting for dashboards
    • Building our first dashboard – hands-on exercise
  • Day 2: Advanced dashboard skills
    • Selecting right charts for any situation
    • Enhancing dashboards with Excel 2010 – sparklines, slicers
    • Customizing Excel charts – top 5 problems
    • Building our second dashboard – hands-on exercise
    • Q&A

For complete details about the masterclass, please download our brochure.

Benefits of this Masterclass – what you will get?

These are the benefits of the of our Masterclass:

  1. Learn the process to create robust, easy-to-maintain Excel Dashboards
  2. Build better & error-free Excel reports
  3. Know how to choose right charts based on your need
  4. Understand design principles that make your work stand out
  5. Discover some of the less commonly-known Excel features

And you will get this by enrolling:

  • Two full days of tuition by me
  • Use of workstations, lunch and refreshments
  • USB stick with Example workbooks, PDF guides & videos
  • Access to selected videos & material on Chandoo.org
  • Email support for Excel questions for 3 months following the course by Chandoo.org

When is it?

The venues and dates of the masterclass are,

  • Thu 03 May 2012, Sydney
  • Thu 10 May 2012, Canberra
  • Mon 21 May 2012, Perth
  • Thu 31 May 2012, Brisbane
  • Thu 07 June 2012, Melbourne

Masterclass fees & Enrollment

This masterclass is AUD 950 + GST per participant.

Early bird discount: If you sign-up before April 15th, you get $100 (AUD) discount. Hence, you will AUD 850 + GST.

Enrolling for the Masterclass

Please visit Advanced Dashboards & Excel Masterclass page for information & to sign-up.

Your next steps

If you are interested in this workshop, please use below links:

To know more: download our masterclass brochure

To sign-up: visit masterclass page

To get team discounts: Please email me at chandoo.d @ gmail.com

To conduct this masterclass in your company: Please email me at chandoo.d @ gmail.com

Any questions: Comment on this page or email me.

Please note

For this masterclass, I have tied up with Plum Solutions, an Australia based Financial Modeling & Excel Training company.

Thank you

As far back as I can remember, I have always wanted to visit Australia. And when the opportunity run a masterclass came, I was super excited. I am really eager to meet some of our Australian readers during this. And of course, I will be meeting Hui, our Excel ninja finally. Thank you so much for supporting Chandoo.org and making this happen 🙂


Hello Awesome...

My name is Chandoo. Thanks for dropping by. My mission is to make you awesome in Excel & your work. I live in Wellington, New Zealand. When I am not F9ing my formulas, I cycle, cook or play lego with my kids. Know more about me.

I hope you enjoyed this article. Visit Excel for Beginner or Advanced Excel pages to learn more or join my online video class to master Excel.

Thank you and see you around.

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7 Responses to “Join my Excel Dashboard Masterclass in Australia [May-June 2012]”

  1. Thats awesome. Good to see your consistent progression Chandoo. Glad that your wish for a trip to Australia is getting fulfilled, a double bonus! 🙂

    May god bless you.

    Continue your awesome work.

    Raghavan alias Saravanan M
    Bengaluru | India
    (Presently in Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia).

  2. Sean says:


    When are you coming to the States? Florida??

  3. Fred says:

    Yeah, Chandoo! When are you coming to the States? Well, if LukeM would host a class in Northern California I sure wouldn't mind either! 😉

  4. Rohit says:

    Please let me know if similar workshop is scheduled in India. I would like to attend.

  5. João Pinto says:

    I wish I live on Australia so that I could attend this... 🙁

  6. Danielle says:

    I'm so excited that Chandoo has agreed to come and run these workshops for us, can't wait to attend!

  7. Richard says:

    This is great news. I will do my best to attend.

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