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Info-graphics of the week [Oct 3]

Every week Pointy Haired Dilbert celebrates the art of visualization by featuring 5 of the coolest and most awesome visualizations floated around the web. Click here to browse the full archives of featured cool infographics.

US Electoral College Vote Prediction Tracker – Cool Interactive Visualization


With each media house providing its own predictions on the 2008 US elections, it might be a tad difficult to track who is in favor now. The interactive visualization featured above takes the confusion out of this task. Each of the 50 states are shown in columns (sized according to their representation in electoral college) and each row represents one media house providing the prediction. Just hover your mouse over a cell to find out more about that prediction. Pretty simple yet very intuitive. [via information aesthetics]

Who voted No for the $700 Bn Bailout Plan ?


NY Times proves that pie charts are good to use when you know how to present them. The who voted NO to the bailout package (the initial one) visualization plots no votes by party on US Map and provides insights. Amazing stuff. [via simple complexity]

Vanishing act – How the banks have progressed since their founding?


This Wall Street Journal infographic provides a simple but informative visualization on how each of the big banks have progressed (or vanished) since their founding. They have shown time (in years) on both axes and plotted lines for each of the banks, joining 2 or more lines during mergers and stopping a line when the bank filed for bankruptcy.

What happens when you align a world map ?


When you take a black and white world map and align it to left, right or center this is what you see. No more borders separating people just because their ancestors chose a different vocal noise to communicate, or spent most of their time in areas where their skin color changed darker or lighter. Just a huge lump of land. This is a perfect example of art meeting visualizations (maps).

The best pie chart ever


Now you can make your pie and eat it too. Happy weekend everyone 🙂 [via information aesthetics]


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4 Responses to “Info-graphics of the week [Oct 3]”

  1. Joel Thomas says:

    Thats a funny pie chart...

  2. Parka says:

    The vanishing act graphic about the banks is great.

  3. Chandoo says:

    Thanks Joel and Parka. Feel free to suggest any visualizations / graphs you would like to see here 🙂

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