Ads that are also Infographics – 10 Dazzling Examples

Advertisements and info-graphics can excite us a lot by their sheer ability to tell a story convincingly. What happens when you combine both? The results are dazzling… don’t believe me? Checkout these examples:

Heineken Beer – How to get a girl in the bar – Flow chart

Evening College from 5 – 10 PM – Pie Chart Ad

Searching for a Car – Flow chart ad

Australian Dating Site RSVP uses info-graphics to convince you to become a member (YouTube video)

Youtube link

GE Ecomagination Info-graphic Advertisement

Sprint Nextel Infographic Ad (plays with sound)

Economist Pizza Box Pie Charts

The Big Chair Job Site – Organization Chart Funny Ad

Bisley Quality Office Furniture – Very creative bar chart ad

Sony Walkman Metro Maps – Cool Map Ad

Hat tips to these wonderful blogs: Information Aesthetics, Cool – Infographics, Ads of the World, Adverbox, Core 77

Did you enjoy these?

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