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My Dreams (???)

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Yesterday i was running. Running for my life and running for my grades.

I had a CT Quiz at 5 pm. There was an accounts tute by prof (not mandatory) at 3 pm in our respective cells. I bunked the accounts tute. I thought for sleeping for a while before the CT Quiz. And when i woke up, the first thing i have realized is… the time. It is 5:15 pm. Suddenly i was shocked. The quiz carries 20% weightage. If i miss it, i would loose a good opportunity to get a decent grade in this subject. I ran to the cc while wearing my clothes.

The instructor said that i have to complete the test in 10 mins. (it was actually for 30 mins). I begged him for more time, after some pleading, he agreed to give 5 more mins. thus started the race against time. Finally i managed to complete the test in time. Afterall, the test was in word which i have used 13 months at xinthe to type all the crappy s/w docs. 😀

Somewhere else, i got the second accounts quiz results yesterday. I was pleasently surprized to see my score. Finally a decent grade in my booty. 😀

coming to today, it seems to be an interesting day.

we have a guest lecture by COO of ICICI WebTrade Mr. Anup Bagchi on “using technology in banking”. One more case is due on sunday. in summary, its all work in the next few days 🙂

Thass all for now


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  1. Govar says:

    Ey Sandooooo, change the font size on right. Very small to read. And its outdated. It says Im a would be classmate from Cbe... 🙂 We are here for a month. 😛

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