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Haan jee, you read it right.

I have added a unique bulleted point to my CV. I have bartended for 45, yes exactly 45 mins.

Yesterday, there was an exclusive boozers party here. Since it was raining heavily the party was hosted right opposite the mess. And I came back from the TT room with a gallon of sweat on my tee and stopped at the mess to chat with UddU. The party was about to start at the moment. Since they want a non-boozer to bartend and since the PGP2 person didn’t turn up, skhemka (supposed to be the most notorious boozers on this part of the country) asked me to help him in the job :P. Soon, i have 2 mentors in my job. UddU and Skhemka. Whew.. it was quite an experience. Serving the booze to thirsty souls ( including the fairer sex 😛 )

Adding to the Bartendership let me tell you about my recent addiction.

I have started playing CS. For those uninitiated souls, CS stands for CounterStrike. A LAN game. To make the matters worse, my name in that is bartender 😛

That is all as of now. Rest of the life (read 15 hrs a day) is going at the normal pace.


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3 Responses to “Bartended!!!”

  1. Bhars says:

    Modus Bartenderomus ???

    😀 :))

  2. Govar says:

    Naaa... Bartender boy is what we named him here. 😛

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