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Am I a Japanese Translator?

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Fridays can be immensely fun, as I anticipate 2 days of doing-nothing while sipping coffee working on excel sheets. But nothing can make my day better than this immense suckmanship displayed by Naukri with their job recommendation for me.


All the Japanese I know can be summarized to 1 word – “omurice“, now that I think of it, the rice part of it does look like an English word, that makes me think, how many companies are out there who fail miserably in their area of core competency?


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2 Responses to “Am I a Japanese Translator?”

  1. Kidakaka says:

    Maybe your high cheekbones fooled them into thinking that you just might be Japanese 😛

  2. Chandoo says:

    @kaka.. may be a chicken coded the "matchJobsToCandidates.java" ... 🙂

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