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“I am feeling lucky” Firefox Search plug-in

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google-iam-feeling-lucky-search-plug-in for mozilla firefox

While trying to understand how the Mozilla firefox search plug-ins work [ more ] I got curious and wrote a search plug-in that will take you to the first Google search result directly instead of displaying the results pages, ie mimicking the “I am feeling lucky” searches. Feel free to download and install it.

1. First Download the Google “I am feeling lucky” search plug-in for Firefox
2. Save the file in your Firefox searchplugins folder (usually, C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\searchplugins, if not locate your Firefox installation directory and navigate to the ‘searchplugins’ folder)
3. Restart Firefox, thats all, you now have a shiny little search add-in that can make you feel lucky… 🙂

For the curious, here is the xml file contents:

(If you are viewing this post in feedreader, you may not see the above code, in that case visit the blog to see it.)

I just took the google.xml file in the searchplugins folder and added the line

<Param name="btnI" value="I'm Feeling Lucky"/> beneath the URL tag. This will tell Google that the button “I am feeling lucky” has been clicked and hence the search engine would redirect you to the first page of results instead of the results page. Cool eh?

Click here to download the Google “I am feeling lucky” search plug-in for Firefox


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