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Infographics of the week – Food, Maps, Privacy & Politics [Oct 31]

Every week, PHD celebrates the art of chart making by showcasing 5 beautiful infographics for your fun, inspiration and information.

Browse 100s more wonderful infographics and have fun.

Flickr Privacy Settings across the World

Flickr Privacy Settings across the World

This world map shows privacy settings used by a million sample users from 2005. The spots show photosharing options – red (turned off), green (turned on). You can see how the world uses flickr and how people are sensitive about sharing their pictures with rest of the web.
Future of Food – Infographic Slide Show

Future of Food - Infographic Slide Show

This future of food infographic slideshow from WIRED paints a grim picture of the food problems. The one featured above shows some of the major global problems that prevent the food supply across the world. As you can see, hoarding (which is a trade practice to ban exports due to the fear of food shortages) is a major problem in the countries like India and China. Which is also another reason why I have paid $ 40 for a 20 lb bag of rice recently (I got the same for $10 an year ago) [via Cool Infographics]
What People Eat in India?

What People Eat in India?

Indian food is as diverse as Indian culture, religions, languages and people. The one you are seeing above is Indian map with each of the states filled with the most popular foods in that state. For example you can see that Andhra (my home state) has been fille with brown colored Biriyani which is a delicious rice dish. Yummy! [via Adengappa !!]
World Map of Money

World Map of Money

What happens when you fill each of the counties in the world with their currency notes. Artist Justine Smith has created this and several other money maps (check out his site for more visualization fun and inspiration). Money is surely colorful. [via Strange Maps]
Do the Swing States Swing that Much?

Do the Swing States Swing that Much?

Robert at Eager eyes, got curious about the so called swing states phenomena in the US presidential elections [35 more visualizations on US elections 2008] and plotted the above graph to see how much these swing states actually swing. You can see that instead of swinging every other election, these states are actually pretty stable for a while before switching their party.

Happy Weekend & Halloween (for my US readers) 🙂


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