Decorate your TPS reports with spooky spider web chart [Halloween Fun]

Posted on October 28th, 2016 in Charts and Graphs - 2 comments

It’s Halloween time. As adults, we can’t go trick or treating. We can of course dress up in costumes and entertain others. But what about the poor spreadsheets. Don’t they deserve some of this fun too?

Hell yeah! So I made a spider web generator in Excel. Just use it to make a spooky cob web pattern and add it to your report / dashboard / time sheet or whatever else. Surprise your colleagues.


How is Spider web chart made…

We take some super strong but amazingly flexible silky thread. You then carefully insert the thread in to VLOOKUP to get a spider web.

Seriously, don’t go poking threads in to VLOOKUPs. You will look silly.

Here is a tutorial explaining how the spider web chart is made. You can learn all about the geometry, math & formulas behind this cool chart. Watch the tutorial below (or see it on our YouTube channel)

Download Spider Web Chart workbook

Click here to download Spider web chart workbook. Press F9 to generate a random web pattern. Follow the instructions to insert the cob web in to any of your existing worksheets. Enjoy 🙂

While we are at goofing with Excel…

It is Diwali in India. So here is a flower pot fireworks generator in Excel. If you like to go beyond earth, here is a cosmic dance between Earth & Venus.

How do you like the Halloween cob web?

It was a lot of fun creating the spider web chart in Excel. How do you like it? Please share your thoughts and comments below.

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  1. GraH says:

    I didn't see the formula for "spider". So that's a bug in your design Chandoo.

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