Tell all versions of truth [Dashboard Best Practice]

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Here is a simple but effective rule for your next dashboard.

Tell all versions of truth.

All versions? But there is only one version no?

Of course, there is only one version of truth (or data), but you can present that in different ways, thus creating different perspectives, offering different insights. By using an interactive element (slicers / form controls / VBA / hyperlinks) you can give users control to switch between perspectives. This creates a very powerful storytelling platform.

Here is a classic example of how to tell all versions of truth, based on the excellent Global house prices interactive chart on Economist website.

Watch the video on YouTube Channel.

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If you want to know more about how to present all versions of truth, check out below tutorials:

Do you tell all versions of truth?

I am big fan of interactive charts in my dashboards. I feature them in all my creations.

What about you? Do you add multiple versions of analysis in one chart like above? Please share your experiences and tips in the comment box.

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