Amul is Seriously Good – How agile is your brand?

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Amul has one hell of a branding strategy, they take whatever is happening in politics, entertainment, sports etc and turn the situation in to a billboard to tell their butter / jam / milk product story. Almost every week they do this, so restlessly that when something big happens, customers tend to think how Amul would portray it. Above you can see how they have turned the joker character from the latest batman movie in to Amul milk boy šŸ™‚

This tells a lot about why big marketing budgets, huge ad campaigns are not always necessary, what you need is a genuinely interesting way to interact with your customers, tell them your story and engage them in a conversation, even if you are selling something that is soo commoditized like butter.

Check the Amul hits from 2008.

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PS: Amul is an Indian Milk Co-operative based out of Anand, Gujarat. They sell, milk based products, it is an interesting company if you wish to study how co-operatives can be successful. Do visit Amul’s website.

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