Did you see the moon-walking bear? – nice ad

Posted on March 24th, 2008 in advertising , business , wonder why - 2 comments

Transport for London‘s new advertising campaign to increase the safety of cycle travel in London is pretty innovative, watch the ad here (totally safe for work, so go ahead and watch):

But there is another important lesson in the ad, as Seth Godin suggested, way too many marketers wanted us to count the passes and let us miss all the wonderful things on our way, how often the communication is so chaotic that you either count the passes or watch the bears instead of seeing the whole picture and getting a better experience out of it. Think!

More on the ad here : DOTHETEST

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2 Responses to “Did you see the moon-walking bear? – nice ad”

  1. Abhishek says:

    Absolutely wonderful ad! I counted the passes correct and became very happy πŸ™‚

    The fact that we miss beautiful things in the chaos is true not only for ads but also in life!

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