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  • I have been busy last few days both at office and home. While work is keeping me busy at office, at home I am occupied with learning how to drive.
  • Drivers license rejected :D
    I took my permanent license exam today and failed miserably. My examiner was surprised that I failed on so many counts, once I actually joined the opposite lane upon turning left, the examiner almost fainted and told me aloud to change lanes, think I got way too confused and tensed up, well whatever is the case I am going to test another time later next week, hopefully this time it should go through.
  • I am going to schedule a server move for PHD probably this weekend. I am just going to move all my stuff from the current server to something more professional and large enough so that I dont have to worry about the increasing traffic and bandwidth for a while.

PS: If you can tell me what is the original source of the above image I will add your blog to my links list on sidebar, first one to respond wins 🙂

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2 Responses to “PHD’s Regular Blah #12”

  1. Tarun says:

    I'll be damned if there is anything such as "permanent" license exam.

    Dude you need to get over your desi-ness and and get over fast.

    Similar thing happened to me though when I went to take the test for the first time - while taking a left turn, I slowed down and looked in all directions...as we are wont to do in India...since traffic can come at you from 360 degree. This really pissed off my examiner cuz she was at a loss to understand why I was looking for traffic in the wrong direction.

    No doubt she flunked me.

    I did not answer your pic question but I told you an interesting story...do I get a back link? :p

  2. Abhishek says:

    No chance I can win in this contest.
    However I got my license without any test at all 😀 You see in India anything is possible.

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