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I am feeling beautiful and happy. And let me warn you, I am not yet placed 😀
The world is full of new ventures, new ideas and new things. Everyday I see something new happening somewhere, something so simple and beautiful being done by somebody out there, thanks largely to my net connection. I couldn’t wait to get there and start getting my hands dirty. As you can sense, I am out of learning from books and lectures mode and now I want to learn from doing. A casual visit to wiki or bloglines takes me in to a new world of ideas and crazy things. A flip through the paper and I am stuck with several thoughts. I love this feeling of innocence and eagerness.

Well, you should be rewarded if you have come this far without alt+tabbing. Some links you might love to check out:

– Woophy: The idea is simple, combine maps with photos, and phew, you have a site that lets you see any city, its people, and its wildlife with a click of mouse. The founders want to cover each and every city of this world through this project. Contribute your pics and have fun. http://www.woophy.com

Chidiya Udi: switch on the speakers and watch this simple yet effective ad from makemytrip.com

– ‘Loyal customers’ is possibly the most valuable asset any company can have. Sadly the valuations never mention it. Nevertheless they pay up through various innovative ways as Google Maps found it from this ad created by some user. [via adrants]

– While country is rocking with extended rains, floods, cold waves, bomb threats and criminals are busy with heinous acts ranging from IPO scams [1, 2] to rape of BPO employee, the largest democracy’s governing body has found time to discuss the omission of khiladi from international ghilli dhanda games. Duh!


At last: If you haven’t caught on yet, then you should definitely try klueLESS, we created it out of curiosity and now it became a monster. 🙂 [More resources at IRIS Blog]


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