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  • Stop doing what you are and go read Unleashing the Ideavirus by Seth Godin. Even if you have already read it, do it again. It helps keeping your mind alive.
  • My plans to start Calvin Fund are slightly delayed, thanks to my forgetful finger, I lost my login password at the trading site and would take a while before I have it up again. Meanwhile, market seems to have done one full circle, whatever 😉
  • DSC00090Saw this (look right) when I went to Landmark Bookstore few days ago. Now tell me, how many of you have actually played “Ashta Chamma”, “Puli-Meka” “Daadi” when you were kids? I am not sure what you might have called them, but these games exist pretty much in every state. Good to find that someone is selling them neatly packed in toys section of a leading bookstore.
  • If you ever happen to be Chennai during the summer time and have really nothing to do, dont even think of going to Marina beach. We did that last weekend and I still feel itchy, dirty, sweaty and angry inside for doing that.
  • We are off to Vizag for a few days, to our in-laws place. I would resume regular broadcast on PHD only on 10th April.

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