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Introducing Excel Wedding Planner

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Excel Wedding Planner - Spreadsheet Solution for Planning your Wedding
About a month ago, I got an email from Kevin. The crux of this email is,

I am working on a wedding planner based in Excel. Do you want to collaborate?

I replied to him asking for more details as I got curious about the project. Kevin sent me a work-in-progress version of his wedding planner which blew my mind. Although I have only one wedding experience and even that I hardly planned (as it is traditional for parents to take care of the wedding ceremonies in India), I found Kevin’s planner quite comprehensive, useful and easy.

So we worked on it together (ok, it was mostly Kevin’s work, I just shared my ideas :P) and I am happy to announce that we are nearly done.

What is Excel Wedding Planner?

Excel Wedding Planner is a spreadsheet solution for planning and managing a wedding, right from setting up event dates to honeymoon planning, it covers the entire gamut of wedding stuff, all within the familiar interface of excel.

What all things Wedding Planner can do?

Oh, it can do pretty much everything except kissing your spouse at the altar. But the following things, it can do really well:

  • Guests: Guest lists, seating arrangements, tables, gifts
  • Vendors: Flowers, Music, Photo, Video, Menu etc.
  • Finances: Budget, Payments, Summaries
  • Things to do: Events, Tasks, Time-line of wedding

Oh, yeah, it also has a dashboard to show the overall progress.

Here is how the home page of wedding planner workbook looks like:

Excel Wedding Planner - Features

I am marrying tonight, where can I get it?

Two things: (1) What the #$@! are you doing on an excel site today? (2) You haven’t planned it yet?!?

The wedding planner is currently in testing phase. We will be releasing by August 2nd week (14 days from now).

How much does it cost?

The wedding planner comes in 2 versions. (1) FREE and (2) Premium.

Free because we are awesome like that. 😎

Premium because Kevin got married recently and I bought a new car. We need money 😀

The free version has some features disabled (for eg. automatic table arrangement, menus etc.) but it is still awesome and works great.

Update: We are no longer offering premium version. Please download free version here.

How do I get it?

Simple. Follow these 2 steps:

  1. Find someone you really love. Propose to him / her.
  2. Download the planner below

Click here to download FREE Wedding Planner.

Once you sign-up, we will be sending you the free version by August first week.

We will also send you details on premium version by August 2nd week, so that you can pick it up when you are ready to plan for the wedding.

Some FAQs:

  • Which version of excel does the file work in?
    Excel 2007. We are working hard to release an Excel 2003 based version of Wedding Planner. But it would take few more weeks to be ready.
  • How many weddings can I use it for?
    As many as you can afford to. But we sincerely wish that you don’t have to use it for more than one wedding.

Any more questions?

Please drop a comment or write to us (chandoo.d at gmail dot com) to get your queries answered.

Thank you

Thank you so much for paying attention. Go ahead and Get free version.

About Kevin:

In day time Kevin runs an excel consultancy business and busy developing spreadsheet models and automation solutions. You can get in touch with him at kevinsweddingplanner at gmail.com


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Thank you and see you around.

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18 Responses to “Introducing Excel Wedding Planner”

  1. JP says:

    How appropriate that today's Dear Abby column has letters about loud wedding music!


  2. Excel Lover says:

    love your website...
    i am not trying to be rude but there is spelling error in the sign up form.
    cant wait to get home and sign up for the free version for now...and cant wait to plans for someone's wedding.

  3. RL says:

    How about widening the use? Surely it will be just as useful for all sorts of event planning, such as big parties, charity functions, business events, etc that require similar planning such as budgets, table plans, etc. Only a small bit of flexibility re titles required, I imagine.

  4. Chandoo says:

    @Excel Lover... Thank you so much for pointing it out. I fixed the error now.

    @RL: Good idea. We will model the planner as "Event Planner" once the full version is ready and we finish first month (this is when usually lots of customers give feedback on how it is working and where it sucks).

  5. jeff weir says:

    Classic. Can you include a random number generator to help choose between prospective partners? A distributin graph showing when most weddings fail would be good too. And you could probably increase your income by putting some paid links in the premium version to mail-order bride companies and divorce lawyers 😉

  6. Chandoo says:

    @Jeff... I assume Ms. Weir is sleeping or gone away on a holiday. Why else would you think about mail order brides?

  7. jeff weir says:

    Thinking about them? Hell, I AM one!

  8. RudeBoy says:

    Great idea....just wished it would have been available a bit earlier as I am getting married 2 weeks from now!!

  9. [...] Excel Wedding Planner [...]

  10. lisa says:

    so sad the paid version is not available...

  11. Rahim says:

    Full Version of this File is available ?

  12. eva says:

    Hi, the file is password protected. What's the password?


  13. revathi says:

    The spreadsheet is password protected. How do I access it as the premium version is not available?

  14. MTAS says:

    Was wondering if there is anywhere else you can get the full version as its no longer for sale or even give us the password to unlock it

  15. Thanks for sharing the information keep on posting this type of blogs!

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