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Infographics of the week [Sep 12]

Donations made to Presidential Candidates – US Elections 2008


What would you get when you take 1.4 million rows of presidential election donations made to Obama’s and McCain’s campaigns? One possibility is the above visualization. The folks at Pitch Interactive created the above visualization. The half pies in the middle represent the overall donations made to each candidate, the black hairs on the outside are the names of donors and the small pies emerging from middle are donation bands ($1 – 100, 101-500 etc..) [via information aesthetics]

Who makes the best pie charts in the world? – Car companies !?!


Jorge suggests that car companies are indeed best pie chart makers (and users). Well, I have to agree, for that matter, even my parent company – TATA‘s logo is a type of pie chart 😀

What is the color of that word?


The concept behind Cymbolism is simple, they show you a word and ask you to click on the color it reminds you. Then they compile neat graphs like above based on crowd sourced color-word association data. Pretty fun to watch, although most words seem to be associated with black by a majority of folks. [via information aesthetics]

How frequent is your name in this world?


Enter your surname on the Public Profiler page and it will show a heat map with your name’s frequency across the globe. Although their data seems a little incomplete, for I have entered “John” and it tells me that the name is more frequent in India. [via lifehacker]

Are Linux programmers becoming fat? T-shirt sizes speak


FitBit, one of the companies featured in TechCrunch 50 made the above slide to suggest that we all need a fitness micro device to keep ourselves in shape. I am not sure how accurate is their information, but it does make a good conversation topic.

That is all, need more eye candy? Browse cool infographics from archives.


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4 Responses to “Infographics of the week [Sep 12]”

  1. Wow, if that last one is accurate, that's truly frightening. There are of course factors like sample size and other influences than average body weight, but if this is anywhere near representative, that's really shocking.

  2. BTW, I'm getting an error "Cannot send session cache limiter - headers already sent" from WordPress when submitting a comment. It seems to work okay, but figured I'd tell you anyway.

  3. izmir matbaa says:

    thanks for sharing..

  4. Chandoo says:

    @Robert ... I hope you are on the lower end of the curve... 🙂 yeah, I guess it is more of an attention grabber than accurate slide.

    btw, often wordpress is throwing this weird comment error due to the caching plugins in my installation. Not sure how you can avoid it though. But rarely it misses a comment. Hopefully it gets fixed in future releases.

    @Izmir ... thank you and welcome 🙂

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