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Thoughts in mind

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A collage of thoughts going in my mind:

– Indore is getting fucking hot. Its just march and my room is unbearably hot at 1:30 in the night.
– Seniors do rock a lot. They came here for convocation fuction which is on 21st. Since they came early they are having a party on mess terrace, while pgp1 is clueless and busy scratching their heads trying to make codebooks for some research project.
– Thanks to my groupmates. I am not making the codebook
– I am watching too much of friends.
– Common cold is one of the worst things that can happen to my nose. 🙁
– I am becoming stoical day by day. Today my bro called me and started scolding for not calling home for a long time.
– Last time i enjoyed listening to music was 3 days before. Thanks to the cutie project and other work.
– day after tomorrow is a holiday. Hurray….
– I am still waiting for a hair cut. Now a days my head is looking like that of a Fanta ad character.
– This looks like my last chance to grow this much hair. summers, i got to be formal. Later during work this type of scalpic crazyness may not be possible. And by the time i can be crazy at work I will be bald.
– Lot of work is pending on IRIS front.
– Why dont they use fourier transforms, recursion, factorials and fibonacci series in option pricing?
– I am now officially declaring myself as “academically challenged”. What else will you call a person whose CGPA hasnt changed by more than 0.03 from term1 to term2.
– This post sure looks boring
– Anyone who manages to read till this line can post a comment and I will definetly pray for thier good mental health.



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