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Focus on customers, not on your brand

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Last night while looking for chocolate chip ice-cream, I couldn’t help but notice this perfect example of a “brand blinding the eyes of the manager so much that she neglects customers”. Take a look at the graters ice cream cups.
Greaters Ice-cream seems to be focussing more on their brand

Can you identify vanilla from chocolate chip from strawberry when all cups look like this. I had to squint my eyes to read the stickers that kroger put at the bottom of display.

Contrast this with haagen-dazs cups:
haagen dazs on the other hand seems to be focussing on product

We all know graters’ tastes like ambrosia, but that doesn’t mean the cup should only talk about the brand-name, it could tell me a story about how exotic the ingredients are, why the ice cream tastes like little scoops of heaven or how hard they work to get these cup to me, but alas, the opportunity is wasted in a trivial pursuit to show off that they have been making ice cream since 1870. May be its time someone at graters’ realized that its all about tribal management. I picked up the haagen-dazs choco-chip and walked away.

Is your company / product / brand focusing on customers instead of itself?

PS: excuse the photo quality as they are shot with my mobile camera


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2 Responses to “Focus on customers, not on your brand”

  1. Abhishek says:

    That's a neat observation Chandu.

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