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Find the seals [Excel puzzle]

Excel Challenges - 10 comments

First a little back story:

Last Friday (on 29th of July), we (Jo, kids & I) went on a day walk to Red Rocks. It is a rugged coastal walk near Owhiro bay in Wellington. It was a windy & cold day. So why did we brave the elements of nature on this 10km walk? To see seals of course. And we did find a few of them. We also caught glimpses of snowy peaks in Southern Island of New Zealand.

3 Seals Excel Puzzle

Now I can’t take you on the same walk thru internet. There is no Excel function that can teleport you from your office (or home) to Owhiro bay. So I made the next best thing.

An Excel puzzle with 3 hidden seals.

You have to use your creative skills to unlock the seals.

So what are you waiting for? Download the find seals workbook and get hunting.

After you find the seals, post your answers (or hints) in the comments section.

Want more puzzles?

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10 Responses to “Find the seals [Excel puzzle]”

  1. MF says:

    Interesting puzzle to refresh my working spirit in the lazy afternoon of Friday.

    My hints:
    Find is always my best friend
    Alt+F10 shows you the objects
    Trace Dependents can be useful, occasionally


  2. GraH says:

    Seals have something to do with pipes, then?
    My eyes play tricks with me, but did you see bears as well on the Owhiro Beach? Right next to the seal...

  3. Jordan says:

    Puzzle 2 Hint: Use name manager and the relationship between CHAR() and CODE() to guess

  4. efand says:

    Sheet 1: Cell A1: SL.EA --> SEAL.
    Sheet 2: the code is 124 --> find the hint through name manager, since the TRUE argument is "|", thus I used the =CODE("|") to get the number and voila! it's 124
    Sheet 3: Pretty obvious. It's on the left side

  5. Haz says:

    1: =HEX2DEC("EA")
    2: There's no SE, but there's AL: 12
    3: Pretty obvious

  6. KM Zachariah says:

    One seal is in sheet 1 cell SL234
    Second seal is in the chart on sheet 2 when the secret code 124 is typed in B2.
    Third seal is in the picture in sheet 3, on one of the rocks.

  7. Rosemary says:

    Uhh.... I seriously need to learn excel formulas....
    For sheet 2 I grabbed the chart and moved it to find the seal behind it.
    For sheet 3 I magnified the picture and saw the seal.
    Heading over to read about name manager and CODE formulas.
    Thanks for the nice afternoon brain teaser.

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