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Financial Modeling School Coming on Monday [Details Inside]

Financial modeling is a no catwalk. You can not look pretty, wear ridiculous outfits and expect to find if a project is worth investing money in. That is why I am very happy to announce Financial Modeling School.

Excel Financial Modeling - Online Training Program from Chandoo.org & Pristine

What is Financial Modeling School?

This is an online training program to teach you how to develop financial models using Microsoft Excel. At the end of the program you will be able to develop an integrated financial model.

Who is this program for?

This program is suitable for people in investment banking, equity research, business planning, strategy, private equity, funds or commercial banking. It is also ideal for people who want a career with any of the above activities.

What topics are covered?

We are limiting the scope of financial modeling to FMCG / Manufacturing sector only. The aim is take you thru 2 case-studies in these industries and help you make an integrated financial model in a step-by-step fashion.

We will cover the following topics in the program.

Financial Modeling Topics:
Designing an efficient layout
Inputting the historical statements
Analyzing the growth drivers
Forming growth assumptions
Projecting future P&L and B/S
Creating Asset & Dep. Schedule
Creating Debt schedule
Equity & Retained Earnings
Creating Cash Flow statement
Circular loop and Cash updation
Analyzing Ratios
Valuation by DCF
Valuation by Comps
Charting a football field
Excel Topics:
Excel Formulas for Modeling Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

What is the program duration & cost:

The program has a total of 20 hours of online classes. You can watch these classes at any time. It would take 8 weeks to complete the program if you watch 2-3 hours of lessons each week.

Just like Excel School, Financial Modeling School too comes in 2 flavors:

  • ONLINE Only Option for $217
  • ONLINE + DOWNLOAD Option for $297

We are giving a $100 early bird discount ($70 for Online option) for first 100 students.

Registrations for this program will be open on 18th of October and closed on 27th October.

How does it work?

See this image to understand how this is going to work. Essentially, the whole process is same as Excel School.

How does financial modeling school work?

Download course curriculum & details:

Download course curriculum & program details [PDF]. You can use this to ask your boss to sponsor you for the program.

Download a sample lesson:

We have made a sample lesson on Integrated Financial Models. This shows overview of final model and how to go about building it.

Download the lesson and view it at leisure.

Paramdeep from Pristine will teach the courseWho is going to teach?

I know as much about financial modeling as my 1 year old daughter knows about modeling. So, I have partnered with smart folks at Pristine careers to run this program. Paramdeep Singh from Pristine Careers will teach all the lessons on financial modeling. I will chip in with any Excel related stuff.

Paramdeep & rest of the team at Pristine have extensive experience in this area. They have conducted this type trainings in various established banks, MBA schools in India.

Are you interested?

If you wish to join our program, please go to Financial Modeling page and leave your name and email ID.

We will contact you on October 18th once registrations are open (plus you will get emails time to time with bonuses and material related to financial modeling).

PS: Here is a free financial modeling course to help you get started.


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