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Escape to Reality – Part II

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Read Part I here.

After visiting the mosque we visited the RAM MANDIR. The mandir as such has got no historical significance. But the strange architecture of the houses around and inside the mandir caught my eye. the houses were very old. Most of them just looked like my grandmothers earlier house. the window panes, the doors, the flooring… aah!, nostalgia.

After that we have started for the next stoppage called as Rani Rupmati Pavilion (RRP).

RRP is supposed to be a barracks. But after a couple of centuries during the Rupmati’s time the entire place is converted to a pavalion from where Rupmati can see the holy river of Narmada. Rupmati never had either food or water before seeing Narmada the first thing in the morning. You can actually see a long distance towards all directions just by standing at the top of the pavilion. Just awesome. We can actually see lots of hills in the Vindhya range.
After some trekkng and adventure stuff we came back to our vehicles to leave for the next spot.

This place is called as Echo point. When the guide told us that the palace is the biggest palace in the world with the area of 43-46 square miles, the first thing that came to my mind is, how they used to communicate. There were so many sentry posts (or atleast they looked like that) through out our way to this place.
The quide explained us that these were not the sentry posts but these were the means for communication. The approximate distance between posts is 150 yards and you can communicate any 5 second length of words between them with echo.
Right at 1:45 we are standing infront of one such echo point. There is a very good history about this point too which i will leave because i dont want to spoil your fun incase you want to visit the place.

We reached our next spot called as REWA KUND. This place is another architectural marvel. Things like aqua ducts, pressure based water lifters, mixture of various architecural styles have caught our attention. Another simple yet so omnipresent thing about all the mahals we visited yesterday is accoustics. They were simply awesome. In one place you can actually wisper and the person at the distance of 30 meters can hear you.
Again there is a very good romantic story about this KUND which i am leaving.

I AM HUNGRY. That is the feeling that overwhelmed most of us. We have stopped at the MP Tourism guest house for the lunch. After giving the order we moved towards the lake next to the restaurant. The order took them something like 40 mins to prepare.
At about 3:45 all of us reached the table and ready to eat any and everything that is marginally digestible. soon the 4Ps arrived (that is Pesticides, Pulao, Poultry and Paratas). All of us ate like anything despite the fact that the food is not so great.

We started for the last stoppage of the day. The ROYAL ENCLAVE. This is the place where all the kings who ruled the MANDWA region lived. This place is a set of palaces and is build in such a fashion that the place enjoys ultimate security and entertainment.

There were several things in the place namely HINDOLA MAHAL, CHAMPA BOALI, TURKISH BATH, JAHAZ MAHAL, SECRET WELL etc. Again few things common about most of these places are like natural air conditioning, amazing water transport and bathing systems, mixture of architectures. our guide has amazing stories about most of these things.

Contd. in Part III


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