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A Good Bubble Chart About the Bust

After quite sometime I have come across this really well done bubble chart. Checkout where did all the money go? (requires flash) on Guardian.

Instead of overwhelming us with all the bubbles at once, they have used simple animation to tell the story. I think, bubbles worked in this case also due to the astronomical size of numbers (although very sad). For example, the smallest bubble represents central bank gold reserves, where as the largest bubble represents the great asset bubble or the percieved value of all assets (before the recession hit us and the bubble is busted).

Not all data has the same pattern, which is all the more reason why bubbles are not good for all situations.

What do you think about the where did all the money go data visualization? cool or not so?

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  1. Shrey says:

    Chandoo... going through old infographics I found this... and it looks interesting... please put up a tutorial or video on it
    or maybe actually improving it by adding countrywise or firmwise(Lehman Bros., Countrywide, Fannie Mae etc.) interactive options

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