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Best of Indian Outdoor Advertising

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6 of the outdoor ads that I think are really cool, see for yourself:

First, one of the most memorable brands of India, Amul, their advertising strategy is simple, every time connect with audience with messages that are from current news items. The humor is subtle yet striking. [See more of amul ads here]

Ad informing people about reduced salt content in Amul Butter:

Amul ad when Nano got announced:

Now, a Jet airways ad announcing removal of one row of seats to increase space, pretty neat execution

Reebok outdoor ad announcing spring balance shoes:

I think this one is the best of lot, Calcium Sandoz telling us how strong their product can make your bones:

Finally vodafone radio, again neat execution and format:

PS: Images are from AgencyFaqs.com


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5 Responses to “Best of Indian Outdoor Advertising”

  1. shezad says:

    hey another very intresting billboard is the latest shoppers stop ad at mahim, the one with the three guys cleaning the old logo.

    i really thought the plank was real

    message was loud and clear
    essentially uncluttered and effective

  2. adnan says:


    hey check this out if you like a few ads i came across

    these are from india itself and an agency in mumbai

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