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5 Beautiful Visualizations [Oct 24]

Every week, Pointy Haired Dilbert celebrates the art of chart making by sharing 4-5 of the most beautiful visualizations floated around the web in the last few days. Take a look at them and have some inspiration and fun 😀

Map of most popular social networks in each country

Map of most popular social networks in each country

This is a simple world map, but each country colored based on the most popular social networking site there. As you can see, US is MySpace, Canada is Facebook and India is Orkut. Findout what is most popular in your country. [via Digital Inspiration]

The world is red, deep red

The world is red, deep red

If you want to get a pulse of global finances (and feel scared) then this is the place to go. They have a world map with each country having square bubbles of the leading company stocks traded there. The bubble size represents the market capitalization and the color for the price movement. As you can immediately see, the world is red, deep red. [via Information Aesthetics]

Can a president tame the business cycle?

Can a president tame the business cycle?

NY Times tries to answer the important question: “Can a president tame the business cycle?” by looking in to the past and plotting how each of the past US presidents have managed various key parameters. As usual, awesome work by the NYT Team. [via Infographic News]

Obesity system influence diagram

Obesity system influence diagram

What causes Obesity? This huge system influence diagram tries to connect all parameters related to obesity and how they effect each other. Very informative and interactive. [via Information Aesthetics]

Hookup Maps

Hookup Maps

If you can combine personal ads posted in sites like craigslist with the location of the hookup, the mash up would be a fun way to explore relationships. What you are seeing is a part of New York hookupmap as on today. [via CNET]

Like this ? browse tons more visualizations for inspiration

Want to share a cool graphic you have seen? just drop a comment or write to me at chandoo.d at gmail.com.

Happy Friday 🙂


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  2. I'me very impressed with the New York Times one. Clean, fluid visualization, and how everything moves to display the charts is really well done.

  3. Chandoo says:

    @Jacques: NYT does awesome job with their visualizations. They are one of my favorites (and inspirations) for chart making

  4. Apart for gridlines that are a little too dark I believe, I also like very much what people do at Business Week (print version). Really neat visualization.

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