PHD’s Regular Blah!

Posted on October 25th, 2006 in Random - 2 comments

>>> Its raining in Chennai, like mad, for the last so many days now. I wonder whats going to come next.

>>> My new phone, Sony Ericsson w550i is really cool. My telephonic needs have gone down drastically in the last few months, and I needed a new mobile to listen to music and have some fun. I think this one pretty much meets all of those with stunning looks.

>>> Wonder why they always take away the menu card at hotels. It cant be a case of too many tables and too few menu cards. I must say the folks at Cafe modegar, Mumbai [Read reviews of Mumabi Restaurants] are brilliant, they fixed the menu card permanently to the table. Order as you remember!

>>> Someone tell FedEx folks to stop the nonsence in the name of ads in TV [Link]. Expecting courier companies to serve you the best is no longer an expectation. Its the reality. But even then, such a lame copy and delivery (no pun!) ?

>>> “Work is keeping me away from blogging” has become number 1 lie for not blogging. But statistics are only 45.67% of time right. So here again, “Work, work and some more work!”

>>> Saw some really wonderful movies offlate, Himalaya, Das Boot, City of God (for the nth time)

>>> Thought of atleast 15 blog topics before resorting to this mighty lame thing.

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