more cases and saturday night party

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Saturday was not that hectic comparared to what we had on the other 2 days.

in the morning i had the class from 9-11 and we discussed the case in groups. Eventhough we dint had a chance to present the case, it was a nice experience to participate in the discussion.

Later we had some presentations on library and computing fecilities. That lasted till 12:30 pm. Then we collected the books (readng material) for 3 more courses and came back to hostel room.

Spent one hour in the afternoon preparing a ppt for the case i had. then went to the much needed sleep.

After the presentation we had ‘mentorship’ programme. In this, each pgp1 participant will get a pgp2 participant as a mentor. I got Gaurav in the random process. We can approach them for acedemic and extra-curricular doubts. It not that other seniors wont help but this programme also builds a long lasting relationship between pgp1s and pgp2s.

The party started at 10:20 types. I went there along with my friends at 10:40. By that time the ‘melting pot’ is already getting filled by dancers and boozers. btw, melting pot is our dance floor. We have a D Shaped place outside mess hall and it is the venue for all most all parties. After taking a couple of cokes .. hic… i went to the dance floor. It was great. Since this is first time for me on the dance floor, i could not do it more than 2 hours including breaks. But in the next party i am gonna do it for 2 more hours 😀

Simply put the party is lots of booze, food, coke, smoke, loud and hip shaking music and utter bliss. After the party all the stress seemed to have taken a back seat. The only thing everyone feels is… a sence of bodily pain and a strong desire to hit the sack.

After solid 6 hours of sleep and complete rejuvenation to take on the next week, i am here typing this mail 🙂

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