Formatting numbers in excel – few tips

Posted on June 16th, 2008 in hacks , Learn Excel , technology - 31 comments

Reader Nikhil Shah asks in an email:

Dear Chandoo,

I have some Error In Excel sheet.

Problem :-

I have a locker number 01234 567890, in Excel it will be displayed as 01234 567890 with the space. However if it was entered as 01234567890, Excel will display it as 1234567890, without the leading zero. If the data has been read in from a text fill in could be formatted as text and still show 01234567890.

Now I want my locker number see with zero in excel sheet,How it possible,please help me with example.

You can force excel to format numbers the way you want using “format cell” feature. Just select the cell with number you want to format and hit ctrl+1 (or right mouse click > format cells) and go to Number tab in the dialog box. Select “custom” category and enter format as 000000 00000 (6 zeros followed by a space and then five more zeros) as shown below. Hit ok to set the format to display locker number as you desire.


Also, try these things: