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Windows Mojave Experiment Kicks Ass

windows-vista-mojave-experiment-coolWow, this is totally cool. A great lesson in creating buzz.

The folks at windows vista wanted to convince people that Vista is indeed a good operating system and upgradable from XP. But there are lot of bad opinions floating around and end users are more or less confused about it. Personally I have rarely used Vista and my opinion on it (which incidentally is as bad as XP) comes from reading various blogs / review sites and comments. And this is the problem they choose to tackle in the Project Mojave.

They took a bunch of common computer users (thus you will find very few college going kids, artists in the experiment) and asked them about their opinion on Vista. They all go like, “it crashes”, “it is worse”, “not for me” …. Then the folks at Mojave Experiment told them about this “brand new windows operating system” called Windows Mojave. They told them to try it on, and the reactions were mind-blowing, everybody is like, “wow this is totally cool”, “oh! you can do that ?!?”, “this is amazing”. And then they tell that Mojave is indeed Vista in disguise.

Pretty cool way to tell people to “see for yourself, decide for yourself”.

Read more on Scoble

PS: for some reason I cant embed this video, pretty uncool for a viral 😉


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