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Switch between firefox tabs using mouse scroll wheel

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Firefox 3 has a ton of extremely useful productivity features and as I keep using it, I discover more and more of them. Here is one I found extremely useful and simple:


When you have lots of tabs open, in order to switch between the tabs, place mouse pointer on any of the tab titles and scroll mouse wheel, you can see your tabs sliding underneath, just click the one you want to bring to focus.

What is your favorite FF3 feature?


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4 Responses to “Switch between firefox tabs using mouse scroll wheel”

  1. Greg says:

    This only works if you have so many tabs that they have to be hidden and a horizontal scroll bar appears. If only one tab is hidden it only moves one tab.
    I never was an extreme expert on FF2 so if I discover something new it may be FF3 feature or something I never discovered prior. My fav is still using folders to organize book marks and using 'open all in tabs"

  2. Hypno says:

    It is not an exclusive FF3 feature. It works on FF2 as well, maybe on Safari too (will check tomorrow). Heck, on the new Office 2007/8, you can do the same thing with your ribbon.

    My favorite FF3 feature though is the new zoom - which zooms the images as well.

    Too bad it's not working for me 🙁

  3. Abhishek says:

    My favorite FF3 feature is that it remembers everything in the address bar. you can get stuff even by the page title.

    However on Vista it is very unstable.

  4. Sands says:

    My favorite on FF3
    is the small icon in the right side of address bar.

    Click it and it gives a lot of "More information"

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