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They are here! the shortlisted 12 entries of our dashboard contest for 2014 are here.

Please take a minute to review the entries and cast your vote. Click here.

Go ahead and cast your vote. Online voting for your favorite entries closes at midnight on 25th June, Wednesday (2014), Pacific time.

Thanks to our judges – Ian Huitson (Hui) & Jordan Goldmeier

Thank you so much Hui & Jordan for accepting my invitation and judging this contest. I know it is not an easy task to shortlist few entries from this excellent array of dashboards. I highly appreciate your time, guidance and support.

Congratulations to every one of the 49 participants

Just the fact that you could take raw data like this and convert it in to a creative, practical and presentable dashboard is a proof that you are an Excel rock star. Congratulations.

I have learned a lot from your dashboard and I will continue to share this knowledge on chandoo.org so that many more of us can create beautiful Excel work & become awesome.

Please go ahead and cast your vote. Click here.


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8 Responses to “Vote for your favorite US state migration dashboard”

  1. Aubade says:

    Not all of these dashboards are correct. For example, Bellot's Option 7 shows NJ as having an above average crime rate. However if you look on the data tab for crime, NJ's crime rate is in fact below the national average. You can also see the backup data here: https://www.census.gov/compendia/statab/2012/tables/12s0308.pdf

    I was going to vote for that one as my favorite until I noticed the error. It is one thing to make a pretty dashboard, but they're just pretty useless if the display leads you to incorrect conclusions.

    • I think you misread the dashboard. I looked at his backend data and it shows New Jersey is below the national average. That the reason it appears green is because being below the national average is a good thing.

    • Mike Bellot says:

      Phew, you made me panic then.
      Yes, Jordan's right - for consistency, I converted all metrics to show a 'score', so that positive figures are 'good', (with the exception of 'climate' - I felt a percentage would be unhelpful) so had to invert some to show this (crime, health (death rate) and employment (unemployment)).
      I appreciate that the dashboard could do with better labelling, as there's some room for misinterpretation or confusion. I was a little cautious of cluttering.
      Thanks for your feedback! 🙂

  2. romelsb says:

    I like the chart which shows summed range of facts (e.g. 2010+2011, or 2011+2012, or 2010->2012) compatible with excel 2003.

  3. Oxidised says:

    Great dash boards, votes in. Keen to see how others voted!

  4. Aubade says:

    Ah, OK I see. I did wonder about that actually - how could being above the national average crime rate be green, suggesting it was a good thing?

    I think it was also misleading because the box on the left is still a positive number - further suggesting NJ's crime rate was above the national average.

    Maybe if you could make the box on the left show as -32% and change the labels to better or worse than the national average (rather than above and below) it would show what you're doing a little more clearly. Then you'd be able to see -32% crime is better than the national average because it is below, whereas 8.9% education is better than the national average because it is above.

    Anyway, sorry to be nitpicky - it is a really cool dashboard!!

  5. Karl S says:

    This is really great work. Maybe in the future you can add the twitter and G+ links to the folks who developed these amazing dashboards so we can join their tribe and learn from them.


  6. asif says:

    I know it is not an easy task to shortlist few entries from this excellent array of dashboards. I highly appreciate your time, guidance and support.

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