Road Rage on Memorial weekend

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We are going to big apple on this weekend, its going to be a really long drive, almost 1000 miles both ways put together, I will see if I can post something while resting, but don’t hope to see anything here for the next 3 days. You have an excellent weekend, drive carefully – more so if you are going anywhere east, stop your car and run towards the closest rest area if you see a compact car (goddamn you rental car company for not telling what car I will be driving) that looks like its chased by grawp. If you are not the kind who uses their right leg and left hand during the weekends, then I am happy for you, do something fun (oh, I am sure you will, afterall you are reading Pointy Haired Dilbert 😉 ), be merry, just watch out if your house is anywhere east. Tada!

PS: photo from net_efekt


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