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Purnography on the lake – trip to Ashtabula county, put-in-bay



A bunch of us went to Ashtabula county and Put-in-bay island over the weekend; beautiful lake Erie beach locations on the northern side of Ohio.

We started off from Columbus on Saturday early morning, the weather wasn’t perfect as it started raining. After nearly slipping out of the ramp, I managed to get the car on to highway and we drove for nearly an hour before halting at Bellville for some breakfast. The weather got better by then, but there was some drizzle. The tulips near McDonald’s looked beautiful too.

tulips are here, where are you

Gas prices have reached sky

We couldn’t help but notice that fuel prices have almost reached sky, well thankfully we weren’t stopping for a refill.

We reached Geneva on the lake by noon. A beach side village with population of 6500. Since we reached there 2-3 weeks earlier than the holiday season, the village looked even more empty with hardly anyone on the roads. We checked in to our cottage and quickly left to see the scenic Geneva state park on the lake Erie shore. The beach was bright and windy, and the waters were cold.

Light house @ Geneva on the lake

We left the state park after a couple of hours to eat something. We started off to visit one of the vineyards in Ashtabula county. We stopped at this beautiful looking wine tasting room and spent sometime enjoying the bright sun light and country side.

A wine tasting room somewhere on the country side - ashtabula - oh

We set out to visit the famous covered bridges of Ashtabula county later. There are about 16 of these historical bridges. We could manage to see 3 of them as we kept loosing our way across the county constantly bumping into the same vineyard.

We took a pit stop near the Mechanicsville road bridge at Grand River Manor bar which apparently is famous for good food, cold beer and lousy service.

Another covered bridge - ashtabla - ohGrand River Manor - good food cold beer and lousy service - ashtabula, oh

As we were leaving I captured these,
I am so beautiful, I may not last longA beautiful house in Ashtabula

Later at night we played dumb-charades while gulping the wine we got from the winery. We crashed late into night and had a quick sleep before hitting the road next day, in search of something else to do.

After roaming to few places (mainly Cedar Point, which was closed for winter) we reached to Putin bay island. This is a 1-2 mile sized island on the lake Erie famous for its churches, laid back living style. We rented a golf cart there and roamed around the island. This gave the unique opportunity to experiment some of the finer aspects of my driving – namely accelerating while braking on turn and driving without seat belts.

We stopped at Perry peace memorial at 3 pm.

Its almost 3'o clock now, what are you doing?perry peace memorial - putin bay - ohio

The island looked picturesque with everything looking green.

yellow and green - a flower in grass

We left the island around 6 to catch the last ferry back to mainland,

an island on the way to putin bay from catawba

Thanks to Google maps, on our way back we took a really scenic route for almost 40 miles on state roads[via OH13, CR77, OH 545, OH 603]. The road was really beautiful with bridges, tall trees and greenery on both sides. Before we could realize were back in Columbus and it was still raining when we returned home.


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4 Responses to “Purnography on the lake – trip to Ashtabula county, put-in-bay”

  1. aloke says:

    nice shots! which camera did you use? i'm looking to purchase one. thanks for the great blog.

  2. Chandoo says:

    @aloke - thanks alot for the kind words.

    I have used SONY DSC H9 (http://www.flickr.com/cameras/sony/dsc-h9/), not my camera though. I would be purchasing a Nikon D40 in a couple of days btw, After researching a lot of DSLRs I found that D40 is the best bet for my needs (primarily shooting my wife, occasionally indulging in outside photo shoots, fiddle around with settings etc.) Read about D40 / Rebel XTi on some of the review sites if you are considering buying a DSLR. Otherwise you can use CNET reviews to decide on a point and shoot. There are plenty of exciting models in the range of $ 100-300.

  3. Hypnos says:

    Do you still get D40 in the US? I thought the D60 would've phased out both the D40 & D40x.

    Good choice BTW. Saw my D40x pics?

  4. Chandoo says:

    @Hypnos ... yeah, they are still selling here, I guess D40 is superior to D60 , atleast thats what a whole lot of reviews are suggesting.

    Oh, btw, have been following recpatured on flickr recently, excellent shots I must say, care to share few of your photography tips on designbeyond? I am sure lot of us noobs would love to read them and learn... 🙂

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