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One Hundred Project Managers have chosen to be better, what about you?

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As of yesterday, the project management templates have crossed 100 customer milestone. That is right my friend, one hundred project managers have chosen to manage their projects better using our templates.

Project Management Templates for Excel

I have asked our customers to share their feedback and this is what they say:

I think that the templates are excellent.
A million times better for my audience than the data directly from MS Project.
Keep up the good work
-Adam K
Fantastic – I wish there were more templates for the cost but I recognize your talent and abilities.
looks simple and clean. i hope i can build more from this after wards
-Mark L
-Jeff H
REALLY EXCELLENT – helps guys like me with limited Excel skills.
Hi, I’m from Russia and sorry for my english

I’m working with little local bank (finance department) and your files is good. In 3-4 hours I could transform “Project Management Dashboard 2” for our needs (and translate it in Russian too). We’re currently in process to make budget for next year and I made a report for planning process. Thank you very much
good luck
thank you!!!
-Mikhail S

first thanks to you a lot of works and passion,
especially without vba, doing a lot of inspiring things.
I’m 59years old-VBA-EXCEL specialist in korea running my own web site[UNO21.com] for about 11 years for fun.
[The project management] was fun and interesting things to me,
giving some head-hitting idea for VBA programming as well..
WISH..keep on your genius works!!
and share a lot of ideas!! thanks!!!
-Sung Dock H
Very very helpful and cost saving form a licensing perspective. Without finding an excel solution, the business would turn to Microsoft Project which would have a heavy licensing cost associated. This has been a cost cutting dream. Well Done Chandoo and Thank You
-Tim B
Very Good – really pleased
-Andy, Management Consultant
I am using it for a large project I’m organizing at work. The templates are really great. Thank you!
Excellent. Very good job.

As a recommendation I would suggest to include some templates of Change Management, Communication and Training Planning and resource spending progress. Just a complement.

Best regards,
-Alfonso C, Consultant

Project Management Templates – the future:

  • New Templates:
    At least 5% customers have asked me to include more gantt chart templates. I also have plans to include templates for RACI matrices, training plans, document change trackers (VBA based).
  • Training Videos:
    I have been working on a set of training videos to help our customers make the best of these templates. The videos will be short and teach you how to use the templates.
  • Upgrade coming after Christmas:
    I am planning to release an upgrade after Christmas with newer templates. All of you who bought the templates earlier will get a free upgrade (why? because we are awesome like that!).

So go ahead and download your copy of project management templates today.

Do you have a question or feedback?

Are you considering the project management templates but not sure if you should buy them? Do you have any questions or some feedback that you want to share with us? Please drop a comment or send me an e-mail at chandoo.d @ gmail.com. While I cannot promise to include every feature that you want, I will definitely use your inputs when releasing upgrades.

Thanks to all of you who bought the templates

I wish you more success in your projects and career.


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Thank you and see you around.

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