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PHD’s Regular Blah #11


  • GOOD NEWS, my wife has finally come to US yesterday. I am so happy. It was sad being away from her on our first marriage anniversary. But finally she came, her journey was safe and uneventful.
  • Buy walmart shares if you can, now that I have shifted to a hotel bang in front of the giant store. I have been to the store 4 times yesterday alone and picked up stuff till my hands ached.
  • The potters have arrived few days back. I have ordered set of first 6 books on Amazon and already in to the series big time. I dont have anything new to say about the books. If you havent read them, may be you should try once, its a different experience.
  • Seems like loads of things are happening on market front. They crashed, went up again and seems like they are going to crash again. I made some hurried purchased during the recent crash, my losses arent significant now. The recession seems to here already, few Indian companies have started reducing salaries or worse still revoking the paid salaries. [I am already working in one :P], feels like such an exciting time to be living.
  • I am totally crazed up to start my own web business. Exploring few ideas like a craigslist for Indian metros etc. There is nothing much to loose, but so much to gain by doing this. I could learn firsthand the nitti-gritties of running a business, managing servers, users, optimization, databases, services and so much more. If you have some exciting ideas and looking for a crazy soul to partner drop me a mail.
  • Work moved to a cruise control mode. Most of the things have become normal now. Hopefully I would move to another project in the coming months.
  • Oh yeah, PHD crossed a remarkable milestone(or crossing), my site bandwidth limit for this month is almost over, thats a whopping 2000 megabites served to hungry PHD readers. Well done folks. Please bear with me while I figure out better ways to manage the site by reducing unnecessary images, heavy plugins etc. If you see the site down during the next few days dont panic. Just drop in again on Feb 1st.

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4 Responses to “PHD’s Regular Blah #11”

  1. ila says:

    All the best enjoy the days with your wife..
    Wall mart shares, have to think twice, since I have returned 90% the things purchased last week. Also have seen a huge queue in customer care for returning.

    //I am totally crazed up to start my own web business. Exploring few ideas like a craigslist for Indian metros etc. //
    welcome to the board, I am already working on it. craigslist and sulekha are my inspirations.

  2. Chandoo says:

    @ila .. welcome to PHD. thanks.
    //welcome to the board, I am already working on it. craigslist and sulekha are my inspirations// Good to know that, let me write to you so that we can continue the conversation on mail

  3. Priyanka says:

    Well entrepreneurship has almost become contagious 🙂 ... perhaps it is the right thing to do in India... do visit http://hungryzone.com and let me know your views and suggestions

  4. Chandoo says:

    @Priyanka... welcome to PHD. You are right, starting a business is the perfect thing to do in India, at this time. I have seen the site, pretty neat. How are you planning to scale it? If you dont mind here are few suggestions 😀

    - option of subscribing to rss/atom feeds on a specific city's restaurants
    - functionality to search restaurant review based on sms, the search can be slightly intelligent and take care of pelling mittakes.
    - mashup with google maps or mapmyindia.com [yummy]

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