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>>> How come chennai doesnt have any English / Hindi FM channels? I think (correct me) all other metros have them. The only FM channel where you can hear something in Hindi is All India Radio’s FM Channel.

>>> I am planning to buy a TV. My budget is 10k. The TV must be flat screen, decent number of channels and should have features like goldeneye, picture modes, fav program (5-6), DVD/Computer in-out, external speaker (2.1) connectivity. If you have some information on models and choices please share.

>>> Have you ever realized that kitchen utensils never go branded. I am not talking about water filters, frying pans and cookers, but I am talking about basic stuff like glasses, plates etc. I think this is giving the store people immense bargaining power. A typical plate-glass buying sequence:

you: Give me 2 steel plates
Shopkeeper: here you go
you: do you have anything that is little more stronger
Shopkeeper: (looks as if you are a wife beater or a domestic steel exporter ) here you go
you: how much is this?
Sk: (thinks: here is one punk with zero knowledge of tamil) amba rua.
you: fifteen rupees??? (when in doubt, quote the lowest number you know)
Sk: Fifty rupees!!!

eventually you pay and leave the store, since you know as much about stainless steel as Orangutans know about AJAX programming. If only an enterprising soul can steal this steel opportunity and launches a line of branded kitchenware …

Thats all for the day… work beckons!


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