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of bulging, purging, choking and loving (BPCL)

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bulging & purging:
An interesting thing is happening on the hilltop resort now a days. A bunch of 30 pgp1s has started a dietary circus called body purging program. we call it bpp. with in 2 days the bpp doers number plummetted by 90% and now we have 3 lone survivers. Last heard some geeks have started betting on the last man purging.
While 25% of the pgp1s are struggling to keep themselves up with vegetable and fruit diet some of us are busy in indulging ourselves in a unquie body bulging program. The idea is simple. eat out as many times as possible. dont give a damn to the bill. The results of BBP are not immediately visible but we are expecting a growth rate in fixed deposits near our tummies soon 😀

Today I ran 1.1 km. This is my first more_than_one_kilometer run. I was choking at the end of 7 min run. I usually run .5 to .8 km daily. Actually that is not a run at all. But for me it is a big thing. But while browsing yesterday came across this article on rediff. it says,

How much time should be devoted to each will depend on what you want to achieve. If it’s general fitness you’re after then at least 20 minutes should be spent on the treadmill and another 10 minutes doing strength training like the bench press.

“In the first 20 minutes you burn only the floating fat. Anytime spent on the treadmill for longer than that helps burn the deposit fat,” says Sood.

To say the least it scared shit out of me. 20+ mins on treadmill is something huge for me. But the relaxing part is here,

The average speed on the treadmill is between 7-8 km/hour for men and between 6-7 km/hour for women. The average cycling speed for men is 30 km/hour and for women, 26-27 km/hour is ideal. “At this speed your pulse rate goes up by 40 points, thereby increasing your metabolism,” says a Delhi-based trainer.

cause I run at 10+ km/hour. little fiddling with control panel should increase the time spent on the mill.it will take sometime, but soon i will be running to burn the deposit fat 😛

It is the love season. Duh! there is no season for love. But yeah, it is valentine time of the year. And what are my plans? as of now they look like this,
– 3 cases
– 2 assignments
– 100+ pages of reading
– chance of a quiz
– one or two movies
– chat with my girl
– Any suggestions?
So while i slog myself to complete the readings you take a break from routine loving and celebrate a special day of loving whatever you love. :d



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