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Meet Nakshatra & Nishanth (and say Happy Birthday to PHD)



< drum roll >

Welcome Nakshatra and Nishanth to their first public appearance.Nakshatra is the girl and Nishanth is the boy (for the curious, Nakshatra means star and Nishanth means moon)

Nakshatra & Nishanth

Here is a fun question: Can you guess which one is Nishanth and which one is Nakshatra?

On more family affairs, today I am celebrating my 28th Birthday. The last year has been very good for PHDs. We have become parents, moved to India from US, purchased a small plot of land where we will eventually build our dream house. I have become MVP and gone to Europe for work reasons and visited several beautiful places. The blog has grown too, it crossed 6000 RSS subs, had 2 million visitors in the last one year, thanks to sweet readers like you.

Let us hope the next year will turn out even better.

PS: Posting will be lighter this week. I am traveling to Copenhagen tonight. Once I settle down there, the blogging will resume on PHD. Meanwhile have fun guessing who is who…

PPS: interesting trivia: my name means moon too. Jo’s name means moonlight. All in all, we are a family in the sky.

PPPS: unfortunately, the kids are living up to their names and not sleeping in the nights 🙁


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29 Responses to “Meet Nakshatra & Nishanth (and say Happy Birthday to PHD)”

  1. srini says:

    Congratulations Mate .. Let me take a gues .. Nakshatra is to the right of the photograph..

  2. govi says:

    They look mighty fine! Congrats!
    Nakshatra is the cute one on the right

  3. Vipul says:

    Congrats and Happy Birthday Chandoo

  4. Eric Souza says:

    Hey, they´re so beautiful!
    Congratulations from Brazil!

  5. Gopal says:

    double * double congrats and happy birthday dude!
    Nice to know about the family of names.
    and, I am sure the left one is Nakshatra and the right one is Nishant 🙂
    Keep rocking!

  6. Carlos says:

    Congratulation!! Your babies are cute. I guess Nishanth is on the left.
    Happy Birthday!

  7. Michelle says:

    My dear friend!! Congratulations!! They are beatiful and look so healthy! Can't tell who is who... both equally handsome 🙂
    Happy birthday too and I hope you get to have some sleep!!

    All my best to Jo too. Big hug

  8. Pete says:

    Great picture of the new PHDs !
    Nisanth is on the left ?
    Happy Birthday and make sure that Jo gets some rest also.

  9. inservo says:

    Hi Chandoo,

    amazing picture and my deepest congrats to you and your whole sky-bound (not so) little family. 🙂

    Hope you have a good travel and a wonderful time in Scandinavia.


    PS: I think Nakshatra - your little star that lightens your night sky - is the cute one on the right 🙂

  10. Jeff Weir says:

    Chandoo...Not only are they very cute, but they are sleeping quietly. Probably a very high R-sqared correlation here.

    Are either you or your wife heavy mobile phone users? I'm trying to get a handle on this whole nature vs nurture debate, and it sure seems like your little ones are trying to make phone calls already.

    Happy birthday. Might have to start thinking about changing the name of your blog again: at 28 with 2 babies, this is probably the last time you will have hair. It's all downhill from hair, buddy 😉

  11. Les says:

    Congratulations and happy birthday Chandoo. The twins are a beautiful mirror image and you caught them sleeping (must have been through the day). I think Chandoo you have asked a trick question by putting the names in the correct order thinking everyone will go for the opposite thinking he won't put them in the correct order i.e. Nakshatra is on the left. So far everyone has fallen for your little trick and have selected Nakshatra on the right.

  12. Tom says:

    The kids look so cute and I can guess that you definitely have your hands full. Thanks for sharing your family with us. I enjoy your postings

    BTW, do you know of a web site/blog for your counterpart in Access, Word, Outlook and PowerPoint? It would be great to know. Thanks

  13. Tom says:

    oh, one more thing, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  14. O. Berkeley says:

    I wish you wonder and joy and, of course, a little sleep!

  15. Congratulation! and Happy Birthday! you are very young:)

  16. chrisham says:

    Sleepless night for you Chandoo? Whoever said "What's in a name?"

  17. Ken Puls says:

    Happy Birthday, Chandoo, and congrats again on the little ones.

    I'm guessing that Nakshatra is on the left, wearing the little bracelet. 🙂

  18. Eric Lind says:

    Happy Birthday!

    And I think your girl is on the left. 🙂



  19. Hey Chandoo,

    - Good to see the photos of the new additions to your family.
    - Happy Birthday...
    - Congratulations on becoming MVP.
    - Welcome back to INdia 😉
    - I guess Nakshatra is on left and Nishant is on right 😀
    - I'm sure dream house will be as beautiful as your charts and posts are 🙂
    - You mentioned about Paris (Eiffel Tower post), where else did you visit in Europe. Europe is very good place for vacations.
    - If 2009 was good, 2010 will be best 😀

    - Nice observation Jeff.

  20. Chandoo says:

    Hi all.. thanks for such warm wishes and prayers.

    And yes, the first answer (Srini) got it right. Nakshatra is on the right as you look at the pic.

    @Jeff: yes, we are heavy users of mobile phones. We had 2 years of long distance relationship before marriage and helped India's mobile phone industry take off. I wish I can keep my hair few more years before becoming just pointy haired.

    @Les: I deliberately altered the order names few times through out th post so not to give away any clues.

    @Tom: For access you can start reading DataPig's bacon bits http://datapigtechnologies.com/blog/ For outlook you can read JP's code for outlook and excel http://codeforoutlookandexcel.com/
    I am not sure about word. For ppt you can read presentationzen http://www.presentationzen.com/ (ideas only, not powerpoint tricks)

    @Nimesh: I had been to few places in Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands apart from Paris. And yes, this is a beautiful place to visit.

  21. François says:

    Nishanth : look Nakshatra, they gave me a plastic bracelet ! The rules of men's fashion say that men must have a silvered one. Remember of it at my eighteenth birthday, little sister.

    And during this time, Nakshatra was turning a deaf ear to her brother...

    Congratulations Chandoo ! I guess their second name is cells or whatever Excel stuff ! 😉

  22. Hui... says:

    No Pointy Heads there !
    Nishanth on the Right

  23. @chandoo: Nice links

  24. Pamela says:

    Congratulations on your twins! My husband and I have twins that will be 9 months old next week - boy and girl also. We have three older children so we were very experienced when it came diaper and feeding duty. Enjoy every minute it goes too fast.

    Keep up the good work here! Receiving e-mail updates from your site is one of the highlights of my day at work.

  25. Manjusha says:

    Hey, hearty congratulations!!! Two birds in one shot huh? 🙂

  26. Mohan says:

    Hi dude,

    verrry cute kids...hearty congos bro...enjoy 4ever. 🙂

  27. [...] it, when they turned up we realized that we have one of each – Nakshatra (girl) and Nishanth entered our world on September 24th, [...]

  28. Srikanth says:


  29. Nthabiseng says:

    Happy birthday Chandoo...your twins are adorable.............i think Nakshatra is the one on the right!

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