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Most Popular Posts in PHD – The March and April edition

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Thank you.

Thats right, that is how I want to start this post. Thank You. You have been extremely wonderful support for this blog and gave me new inspiration and ideas to keep learning and sharing.

Looking back, we had around 29 posts in the last 2 months (which is kind of low compared to the usual rate of 20-25 per month). But it was bound to happen to due to my inability squeeze time out of some what hectic work schedules then. Although we had lesser number of posts, we had almost the same amount of user activity here: 512 comments, 310,000 views from over 100k people, almost 1000 new people have joined our RSS / E-mail subscriber list. Thank You.

Here is a list of 5 of the most popular posts in March and Apirl 2009.

1. 5 Mouse based shortcuts for Excel Productivity

2. Comparing Data in Charts using Scrollbar Form Control

3. Visualizing Budget vs. Actual Performance – 14 options you can use

4. Improving Spreadsheet Search using Conditional Formatting

5. How to Fix Excel Formula Errors?

Bonus: Online Excel Training – 350 Tips, Tricks & Tutorials

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