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Life with out ‘i’

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In the past 2 days loads of things have happened. But probably the most important of them is the absence of net on this little planet. Just like most of the academic institutions and mental asylums ours is also situated far away from the thick and buzz of civilization. So when the internet connection conked off on the Saturday evening we had no option but to sit and wait.

I must say my life is so much dependent on the net and the resources I access through it. One of my friends ‘Srick’ always argues that we have reached the nightmare called 1984 and the era of information superhighway and the land of big brother. Seriously our learning methods are fast changing and our mind is just storing the source instead of content. Soon there will be a state when all we know is ‘where to get it’ instead of ‘it’. So much like the hopeless workers in Department of Peace and other places in the masterpiece of George Orwell. The last 2 days is actually an experience in that regard.

May be the disconnection is a blessing in the disguise.

PS: you would like to read ‘It’s a Google world’ by Mala Bhargava in latest issue of Business World (19th September)
PPS: The Businessworld login system sucks. The magazine costs 10 bucks. And their website says $25 for online subscription. There is no way to login and read the articles for free when almost every other magazine worth its salt is offering free content. Also even though I have a subscription to the magazine I couldn’t login using my subscription ID. May be its time they started being more customer friendly.


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