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Financial Modeling School is closing in a Few Hours – Join Now!

I have a quick announcement for you.

Excel Financial Modeling - Online Training Program from Chandoo.org & PristineAs you may know, we have re-opened registrations for our 2nd batch of Financial Modeling School on Feb 23rd. We will be closing the doors for new students tonight at 11:59 pacific time.  Thank you so much for supporting this program enthusiastically.

If you wish to join Financial Modeling School, click here.

(If you do not wish to join our course, we are still cool. Here is a 6 part training on financial modeling & 2 part training on project finance. They are free, fresh and fantastic)

How many students have joined so far?

We have 80 students in the Financial Modeling School so far. 46 of these for Financial Modeling course and 34 for Project Finance course.

While this is certainly a bit more than what we expected to have, we are eager and confident to help as many students as possible. So go ahead and join the program, because you want to be a rock-star in financial modeling.

What is New in this round of Financial Modeling School?

We have added an all new course on Project Finance this time. We will be taking a case study of a commercial real estate project and showing you how to model it using Excel. We are quite excited to include PF in the course list.

We have also decided to give HD Video Download access to all students. So that you can download and watch the lessons whenever you want and become awesome at your own pace.

When do the registrations close?

We will be closing registrations for new students at today (8th March) 11:59 PM, Pacific Time.

See the below graph to know at what time Financial Modeling School will close in your time-zone:

Financial Modeling School - Closing Times

To find the closing time in your city visit this page.

I am busy with work / my cats / vacation. When is the next batch?

Cats!, really? Well, we will be re-opening the school in July this year.

But Paramdeep (our instructor for this program) has been blessed with a baby-boy early this year. So he is busy parenting. Plus, he has been running this course since October last year. So we may delay the future batch dates if Paramdeep wants a break.

So sign-up already.

Thank you

We (Paramdeep & I) thank you very much for your continued support to Financial Modeling School. Your thirst for knowledge and eagerness to learn always motivates us. Thank you very much.

PS: If you are wondering how I made the above world map, here is an excel file you can use

PPS: If you are wondering how to learn financial modeling, you should join our course. Like now.


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Thank you and see you around.

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