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What would you wear to an Excel themed Halloween party?



What would be your Excel Halloween Costume?Its Halloween time. So humor me and imagine that Bill Gates invited you to his castle for an Excel themed party.

What costume would you wear?

Go ahead and tell me in the comments.

I will go first:

I would dress up as a spider (radar) chart. All I need is some cob webs on my regular dress.

Your turn…


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34 Responses to “What would you wear to an Excel themed Halloween party?”

  1. duncan says:

    I would go as an amoeba ... A cell!

  2. Dean says:

    My girlfriend and will dress up as two veals. We will carry a big heart stating our love.
    It will be veal hookup

  3. A Guantanamo bay prison guard outfit with Messi's Barcelona jersey to get across the power of discipline and creative energy.

  4. Booy says:

    I will go with a quote on my shirt 🙂

    "I love Lookup()"

    Dont take the wrong meaning

  5. Steve-O says:

    I'd bring the kids and go as Pivot Table and chairs

  6. David Hager says:

    I would dress up as the Mysterious Excel Solver!

  7. Mando says:

    Me and my wifey would wear shirts with an R and an A printed on them. We'll we an aRrAy... 😛

  8. Diego says:


  9. Tyler says:

    a t-shirt with this:

    =IF(ISBLANK(QAT),"Snail Speed", "Lightning Fast")

  10. Jeff Koenig says:

    I wonder if he would hand out Surface 3's to super heroes? I'm thinking an x(l)-men ...

  11. Jeff Weir says:

    I just wear my expression.

  12. PizzaGuy says:

    I would wear a white sheet with the word "Spread" written on it.

  13. Navin says:

    My T should be printed with "Excel without CHANDOO is like Computer without Inetrnet"

  14. Vikas Chauhan says:

    CH O O SE

  15. Lynda says:

    Toga - because as large as I am, it would be a spread sheet.

  16. Eliyaz says:

    Have some Rows and Columns

  17. Adi says:

    My t-shirt would read "I am with stupid" and point to the left while my wife's t-shirt would read "I am with stupid" and point to the right...
    Guess there's nothing scarier than a circular reference..!
    Happy Hallowe'en Chandoo. 🙂

  18. Joe says:

    I'd put my left arm inside my shirt and go as the RIGHT function.

  19. Sameer khan says:

    =vlookup(substitute(A2434," ",""), mytable$A$1:$A$100000,Match(A$1,table22:$2$.0),0)
    =excel nerd

  20. Oxidised says:

    a Sum-Product Pumkin

  21. Kalps says:

    I will have my t-shirt signed by all my relatives so I can USE RELATIVE REFERENCES to get through the bouncers at the doors

  22. Hui... says:

    To avoid getting into any trouble at the party my T Shirt would say:

    On Error Resume Next

  23. I would go with my girl and have her wear a t-shirt say =index("mr. right",match("me","all guys at party",0),1) and i would wear a shirt with two cells with one saying "me" and another saying "mr. right"

  24. Khalid NGO says:

    I will love to wear:

  25. Govind Prasad Subedi says:

    “I love VLookup()”

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