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Contest: Visualize KPI data



Here is a quick visualization challenge for you.

There are 25 KPIs and each has a base value, current month, corresponding month values. The KPIs also have targets.

The data looks like this:

Download the data:

Click here to download the data for this contest.

Rules for this contest:

  • Visualize this data using one Excel chart (one chart per KPI is ok too).
  • You may omit any data
  • You can use interactive charts.
  • Do not use add-ins or VBA to make your charts

Go ahead and make your chart(s).

Last date & how to submit:

  • Last date for this contest is 1st November, 2015 (Sunday).
  • Once your chart is ready, email the workbook to chandoo.d@gmail.com with the subject “KPI contest
  • Winners will be announced in 2nd week of November, 2015.

What do winners get?

After carefully reviewing all the charts, 2 winners will be selected by our panel of judges. Each of them will get $100 Amazon gift card.

So what are you waiting for. Go ahead and visualize the data and show us how awesome you are.

Thanks to shaikhrulez @ Chandoo.org forum

Thanks to shaikhrulez at Chandoo.org forum for the data & question that became this contest.


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34 Responses to “Contest: Visualize KPI data”

  1. Phil says:

    Wooohoooo... It's contest time again. Now I know what to do at the weekend 😉

    Listened to your podcast this morning, happy Dussehra btw 😉


  2. Deepak says:

    Seems a o is skipped from email id.

  3. Mehmet Gunal OLCER says:

    At Nov,1st,2015 there is a very important general election in my country Turkiye. I use all my excel knowledge for the sake of the democracy. On the other hand I want to join this contest very much. My request is to change the final date of the Project as Nov,8th,2015.

  4. Jack Hughes says:

    This sounds exciting - wish I had time for this! I'm actually knee-deep at the moment in a visual analytics research project to figure out how best to represent the complex data generated and used during a nuclear power plant outage. The biggest issue is not the graphing of discrete variables, but how to synthesize sets of multivariate data into an integral graphic representation. Some people call this a "KPI glyph" or a "plant signature". My idea is to approach this from a semiotic perspective, which essentially is an attempt to define in more precise terms exactly how people get meaning from the the graphic and how they know what action to take. In human factors terms, this is part of situation awareness, which is a vital requirement in control rooms and also outage control centers. There is a lot of theory behind all of this which I won't burden you with, but I would like to know if any of the experts in this forum has experience with this kind of visualization.

  5. Asheesh says:

    Hi R1C1,

    One question, what if one has a question be it data or representation..should we ask it here or at the forum..(may be a silly question)

  6. Roger says:

    Is it allowed to use overlayed charts? I mean, a chart is considered 1 object(single chart) or can be a combination of many objects (singles charts overlayed) presenting 1 graphic?

  7. Blaz says:

    Looking forward seeing your awesome attempts!

  8. Alex Powers says:

    Question - Visualize this data using one Excel chart (one chart per KPI is ok too). Is the challenge just to do one chart type? For example only use clustered bar chart.

  9. Pedro says:

    Hi Chandoo,

    On rules for this contest you wrote: "You may omit any data". Does it mean any or several kpi and any or several columns may be skipped?

  10. Carlos Chavez says:

    Hi chandoo, I prefer if i win, get another course for free... like macros & vba. 🙂

  11. Love S says:

    Hi. Is it ok to use VBA at all in the workbook, just not for the charts?
    Like display fullscreen?

  12. Shidaa Nii-Noi says:

    Hello Chandoo,
    I want to participate in your contest, but am confused.
    for instance when you say
    "Visualize this data using one Excel chart (one chart per KPI is ok too)."
    Do you mean for example, one chart per each KPI for all 25 KPIs?

    And secondly, "You may omit any data", can you give an example of such data to omit for some newbies in excel...


    • Hui... says:

      @Shidaa, @All

      You can display the data in any format you choose
      Display types include Raw data, Tables, Charts, Dashboards items eg: Traffic Lights, Icons or Smartlines or any combination of all those types
      Charts may be of any type of chart type of any combination of data eg(Actual, Budget, Forecast, Trends,)
      You can arrange and display the elements how ever you want
      You can use VBA to animate or control the charts if you desire

      The Goal of a dashboard is to tell a story

      So what you choose to use and leave out is also up to you

      The actual only limitation is that you can only use Excel with no addin's

      • Shidaa Nii-Noi says:

        Thanks for the feedback,
        It will be very interesting to see some stunning results especially from those who emerge finalists to learn from their visual designs.


  13. giorgiokatr says:

    Hi! Can you explain the columns in the data? I am confused

  14. JJ says:


  15. JJ says:

    Is there a limit to how many submissions we can make?

  16. Pet says:

    no news about this contest?

  17. giorgio says:

    when the results?

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