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Bizzee Busted and other stories

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Due to some clashes among us the quiz team we so passionately (???) formed was busted. The other 2 members joined with one raju (rather, they asked raju to come in and me to go out :P). felt bad about that incident. But, it is a mistake of everyone in the group. So there is no point in worrying about it.

Talking about the quiz, i got my prize money in the first quiz (450 bucks :D).

coming to life outside the extra-curricular activities (ooh, how little it is :P), we have a quiz today. there is one submission too. More terrifying fact is that, we have our mids in a weeks time and here i am doing nothing but sleep.

Talking about the studying reminds me of the reading that i have been doing of late. I am reaing ‘Da Vinci Code’ from an e-book. reading some 25-30 pages everyday. This way, it should be completed along with mids.

That is all for now. Lemme catch some sleep before i rush to the exam.


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  1. Govar says:

    Adei Chandoo, team busted? You aren't serious. Are you? Don't kid me man!

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