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7 Most innovative software job titles

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Gone are the days when software jobs are called ‘coder’ or ‘programmer’, as sophistication increased companies started calling the same coder as ‘software engineer’ or ‘programmer analyst’, then there were ‘sr. evangelists’, ‘associates’ and ‘server gurus’, but in the new era where demand is outstripping supply, naming a job creatively is as important as the job itself.

Here is such a list of innovative (often funny) job titles I found while surfing some of the job-boards on the net.

  1. Coordinator of dreams and realities @ RISE Partners

    This professional will have the leadership role in:
    • Pre-venture counseling for consumers, family, and staff,
    • Facilitating development of participant business plans,
    • Follow-on technical assistance,
    • Self-employment training, and
    • General marketing activities.

  2. Ridiculously good software developer @ Atomic Object

    …We’re an Agile development shop that builds ridiculously good custom software for companies of all shapes, sizes and flavors. We have too much work to do, not enough good people to do it…

  3. Seriously cool web developer @ Envictus Corporation

    Hmm, I see a pattern here!

    we want employees that:
    * Have a good, nay, GREAT sense of humor — Sarcasm works too 🙂 —
    * Have a positive attitude and entrepreneurial spirit
    * Maintain a high level of productivity in a high volume, fast-paced environment
    * Possess the initiative and ability to work independently with minimal direction

    I hope they dont ask you to tell a few jokes in the interview…

  4. Senior Web Producer @ A&E Television Networks

    Senior Producer position will be responsible for the day-to-day management and oversight of large-scale History.com projects and initiatives.

  5. Ruby-on-Rails SCAP (Super Crazy Awesome Programmer) @ Swivel

    Responsibilities include:
    Implement features fast and ultra-good
    Help define new, eye-drooling product features
    Fix obscure bugs using super test-driven-development powers
    Repeat, not necessarily in order

  6. Lead code wizard @ Recruiting Point, bring your wand to the interview.
  7. Kick ass developer @ jooce.com
    Imagine having that on your visiting card.

    So, if you are:

    * … a great coder, collaborator, inventor and architect all rolled into one;
    * … looking for the next cool problem to solve, in a fast-paced and engineering-driven environment;
    *… someone who understands that programming is an art form that sometimes fights back.

    .. then you should contact us ASAP.

Share some of the unique ones you have come across in comments …


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One Response to “7 Most innovative software job titles”

  1. My title is "Director of Connection" (with a job function that is primarily marketing and strategy). Prior to that when my role included distilling brainstorming sessions into the core thoughts and ideas, my business cards said "Random Thought Connector."

    I like the idea of titles that capture something beyond the generic job slot. It is fun to see corporate America creating "tags" for people that are more innovative than what has traditionally been the norm.

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