Replace formulas with values with a simple wiggle

Posted on September 8th, 2014 in Excel Howtos - 16 comments

Here is a very simple & fun way to replace formulas with values.

(Earlier, we talked about how to do this with keyboard)

Just wiggle.

Wiggle what?

Replace formulas with values using a simple wiggle trickFollow these steps

  1. Select all the cells that contain formulas
  2. Right click on the selection border (your mouse pointer changes to 4 sided arrow)
  3. Right click + Drag the selection a few cells away and drop them back at original place (ie wiggle)
  4. A menu appears. Select Copy here as values only.
  5. You are done

See the demo aside.

More fun & productive ways to use mouse in Excel

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Say thanks to John if you like this tip

This is one of the most fun mouse shortcuts I have ever learned. Thanks to John for teaching me this wiggle technique.

If you too enjoyed it, please say thanks to John.

Written by Chandoo
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16 Responses to “Replace formulas with values with a simple wiggle”

  1. Rudra says:

    Hi Chandoo,
    I had seen this in an excel book may be Learn2007high by Bill Jelen.

  2. The Stig says:

    Thank you. Awesome tip. I "paste values" all the time. What an excellent new method.

  3. Sally says:

    I copy & paste special to change my formulas into values - this is so much easier.
    And I was just playing around with the other functions - easy to format or create hyperlinks.

    Thanks so much - I'm sure this tip will become a well used one for me.

  4. Irina says:

    This doesn't seem to work in Excel 2010 on Mac. Is this Windows-only?

  5. Bobby says:

    Awesome Chandoo...

  6. Adam says:

    Very nice trick!

    I'm loving the quick tips!

    Being very pedantic I know, but if the range is already highlighted, I would personally favour the ctrl + c, then ctrl + alt + v + v combo.

    I try to avoid the mouse as much as possible....

  7. Aditya says:

    Adam, for selecting the range you can do ctrl + a and just drag and drop back the selection. Its much easier than what you have said.

    • Adam says:

      Hi Aditya,

      I was just offering a keyboard only solution. By the time I've moved from the keyboard to the mouse & back again - I could have used the keyboard shortcuts about three times!

      I try to avoid the mouse as much as possible...


  8. Akash says:

    Chandoo: Does not seem to work for me. I am using Win 7 Enterprise and Office 2013. All I get it quick analysis icon at right bottom corner of my range. I am using RANDBETWEEN formula to test it.

  9. balkrishna says:

    Thanks. It is very good

  10. flyte says:

    That is such an awesome tip. Thanks again Chandoo

  11. Thokam_patti says:

    Amazing tip Chandoo
    Thanks a lot !!

  12. Pradeep Gopinath says:

    Its a nice quick tip, thank you!

  13. Dinesh says:

    Doesn't work with me in excel 2007

  14. Dan says:

    Great simple trick, this is definitely quicker that they way I've been doing it for ages...and i thought my way was fast!

  15. Ali says:

    Really useful tip - thanks!

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