Cool Visualizations of the Week [Aug 29]

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Once every week Pointy Haired Dilbert celebrates the art of chart making by sharing 4-5 of the best info-graphics featured in various web sites. Click here to see the charts featured earlier.

How to does Love, Anger, Joy and other emotions look like?

Have you ever wondered how your emotions look like? That is exactly what folks at Emotionally Vague have done. They have surveyed 250 people from 35 countries on what makes them emotional, where in their body they feel the emotion, color of the emotion and direction of the emotion. Then they processed and plotted this results for us to see and understand ourselves better. What you are seeing above is the visualization for Joy.

Subway map on Bathroom Tiles


New York subway map or the map is one of the finest examples of making rich information accessible to masses. Every day thousands of tourists, immigrants, people with barely any knowledge about New York grab the map and walk away to their destination with a smile. [via information aesthetics]

Education – the more you know the more there is to know


Indexed is one of my favorite blogs. Jessica comes up with these incredibly funny yet smart observations on life and everything around us using simple graphs.

Visualizing Playboy Center-folds from 1960 to 1990


What happens when you take center fold images from Playboy magazines all the way from 1960 to 1990 and create a visualization on how they all looked like? Jason Salavon did just that. He averaged pixels from centerfold pics and created the above visualization. Safe for work as long as you dont wander on his site 🙂 [via information aesthetics]

That is all, did you enjoy this edition of cool infographics? Drop me a comment or share this page with friends or browse archives. It gives me immense joy 🙂

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