US Legal Firms, Infosys Employees and Online Advertising

Posted on September 8th, 2006 in Random - 0 comments

Today I ran a search in for Infosys to get some information. What I saw in the results page is height of online anti-advertising. Generally you expect to see some ads related to the search tags. What you see here is on a different dimension altogether.

When I clicked on the ad, it took me to some legal advisers page which is for sure a funny read. What is disappointing is that they listed the page in “possible cases” area. Which means, the actual underpaying / unpaid-overtime may not have occured at all. They were just anticipating that such a thing would happen and then it will bring them business. So they even paid the ad agencys (google, yahoo whatever) and running these ads. At this rate, Legal folks can run ads for literally any company keywords.

Imagine what would happen if Barbers run such ads:

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