A date with just another mumbai bar & restaurant

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Being the foodies that hairy and me are we were vigorously searching for a restaurant which can serve non-veg food and is near to the place where we live. After initial enquiries with other bschoolers we found that there is a good and cheap place near by. So yesterday after office hours we left the mackichan hall in the quest of unknown poultry kitchen. The landmark we were told is a mercedes showroom. A minute of trudging and we were infront of the showroom. Bloody hell, but there is no restaurant with the name “big guys” or something similar. After relentless exploration of the all roads connected to the car showroom we decided to have food in another place called “newyork bar & restaurant”

nybt is just another mumbai eatery. everything is costly and tasty. nirmal wanted to try draft beer. since i am in no mood to drink i choose to have a chicken rice item. After what seemed like an eternity the waiter brought the eatables. Meanwhile we had fun watching a 18 year old swallowing the beer and another couple fighting in the next table. :D. As expected the dishes are tasty. As not expected the dishes are not filling. I was wavering between ordering one more item and eating somewhere else. After coming here my working capital has gone up by 2000% and my bank balances have come down by 1800%. 🙁 that is definetly not a very good financial maneuver even though i am an engineer. Finally we ended up ordering a plate of chowmein.

After shelling out money 3 times worth the monthly salary of our homemaid in machilipatnam, we came out of the hotel with my stumoch half empty and my wallet full empty.

What has happened after this is very much guessable. I made a trip to a pani-puri walla, kulfi walla and a cola gaint to fill the gap. Well… that is all.


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