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For a moment i thought Term2 is chill. Well, its chill. Just that its chill in the backbone.

Today we had a Fin. Quiz at 3. After one hour of senseless page flipping i did the quiz not so badly. Well, then i thought i can sleep for a couple of hours. Alas, i was proved wrong. Had to attend a group meeting and you wouldn’t belive if i were to tell the meeting is to decide who has to do what in the next meetings and projects.

After the group meeting and snacks i came back to my room with great hopes of catching the much needed sleep. Well, had to complete some backlog work in the cartoons. So again a null.

Finally at 7 i got the chance to take a nap.

After dinner I had to go uphill to make calls. As the IRIS is nearing by we (Participant Co-ordinators) have loads of work piling on us. After 30 mins of calling came back to room.

there is atleast 200 pages of readings to complete. add to it 3 cases and one assignment due at 9am in the class. And there is this deadly possibility of MACRO, BTO, Marketing quizes in the classes. baaah…

Thus said… it is not advisable to spend too much time blogging.

But to lure you back to this place i have a present for you. Wait for my next blog to see your surprise gift.


Current Y! status says: Busy !!!

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